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In which Cigarette Better For Health??
Smook Cigarette
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Health Effects: Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes also known as e-cigarettes or nicotine delivery systems are battery operated electrical devices designed to deliver nicotine with different types of delicious and tasty flavorings along with some other chemicals in the form of vapors instead of smoke, like in traditional tobacco cigarettes.

More than 250 e-cigarettes brands are currently open and working in the market. While elektronische sigaret are being offered as better and healthier alternatives to traditional tobacco smoking cigarettes which deliver nicotine by delivering tobacco, there is actually a little known about the effects caused in the human organisms by these newly invented electronic cigarettes.

How Does E-Cigarettes Actually Work?

Most of the e-cigarettes being sold in the market usually contain the following three components:

•    A heating device.

•    A cartridge, which holds a liquid solution containing different amounts of nicotine, tasty flavorings and other chemicals.

•    A power source (A battery or cells).

Are E-Cigarettes Safer Than The Traditional Tobacco Cigarettes?

Unfortunately, this question is too difficult or complex to answer right now because these cigarettes have just been invented in near past and not too much is actually known about them.

Different popular scientists and health facilities are working days and nights to find out much about these electronic cigarettes and their effects over human mechanism.

Cigarettes smoking continue to be the leading preventable cause of sickness and mortality responsible for over 400,000 deaths in United States and over 6 million deaths in the whole world. The worst health issues caused by cigarette smoking are lungs caner and number of heart diseases. These are actually caused by the ingredients present in cigarette which are tar and other chemicals produced by tobacco combustion. The pleasurable, stress relieving, reinforcing and addictive properties caused to a smoker are due to the presence of nicotine in tobacco.

E-Cigarettes are designed to stimulate the act of tobacco smoking by producing an appealingly flavored aerosol that looks and feels like tobacco but delivers nicotine with less toxic and harmful chemicals than tobacco. Because they deliver nicotine without burning tobacco. It appears as if e-cigarettes  are less toxic and safer to the conventional cigarettes.

Although, they don’t burn tobacco they still contain nicotine and many other harmful chemicals that could cause serious issues to the health of a man.

Can E-Cigarettes Help A Person Quit Smoking?

Some people also think that e-cigarettes could help conventional smokers to leave smoking by using e-cigarettes. Because e-cigarettes are not labeled to as tobacco products or as devices having therapeutic purposes, they are not being regulated by FDA. So there are no effective measures to confirm their purity or safety as researches are already being processed and we will have more to know about e-cigarettes, their advantages and disadvantages in near future.